Modern update?

Anybody interested in a complete remake of this game for modern platforms?

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Aug 24, 2017

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i definitely would be interested (this is rinkuhero from the eo forums if you remember me). glum buster is still the first game that comes to mind when people talk or ask about great obscure indie games that should be much more famous than they are

Of course I remember you! Great to hear your opinion.

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I remember it as one of the weirdest and most memorable games from the era when most indies were free. I'd totally love a remake.

Yeah, I'd be interested… but I'm just one person.

Well, this would be 100% dependent upon crowd support. So, either tens of thousands of downloads here, or a new Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, I can't start a KS campaign for it for a long while, because I'm busy preparing a different KS campaign. Thanks a ton for your support, your interest, and your comment :-)